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Mzee's Corner - A Dedication
This page of our website is dedicated to the late Michael James or Mzee (Swahili for an elder, respected and dignified man) as he was fondly known throughout Tanzania & Kenya. Mzee Michael had an insatiable passion for extraordinary accommodation and destinations in East Africa and it is here where we will feature properties with personality ranging from the quaint and quirky to the large and luxurious as well as some lesser known locations in East Africa. These places will be specifically selected with the intrepid traveller in mind and, of course, only which Mzee would have approved of. So if you are seeking the unusual, unique and unassuming, we invite you to dream a little and let your imagination run wild and we are certain that here you will find that something extra special that you have been searching for. The team at Rove Africa look forward to assisting in living the dream you have only ever before imagined.

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