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Pemba Island
Pemba Island, lies just 50 kilometres north of it’s “sister” island Zanzibar which, although smaller, is hillier and greener. With more historical monuments, some excellent beaches and spectacular diving and fishing Pemba is the old Zanzibar of 20 years ago. Pemba is home to many species of fauna and flora found nowhere else in the world. Rare trees can be found in the North within the Ngezi Forest Reserve. Wildlife lovers can seek out the indigenous Pemba Flying Fox, Blue Duiker, Civet, Vervet Monkey, Marsh Mongoose and the Tree Hyrax. For avid birder’s there is the opportunity to tick off from the list, the Pemba Scops Owl, the White-Eye, Violet Breasted Sunbird and Pemba Flying Fox. Misali island, to the West of the main town Chake Chake, is a Marine Conservation area and offers an underwater paradise for divers and snorkelers with more than 40 different species of coral, 350 varieties of fish and five types of turtles including the Green and Hawksbill which nest on the beaches. Pemba is a world class and sought after destination for game fishing with barracuda, billfish, blue marlin, dorado, sailfish, tuna and wahoo which are found in the waters around the island especially in the Pemba Channel that runs between Pemba and Unguju Island (Zanzibar).
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