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Nosy Be is situated in the Mozambique Channel near the north west coast of Madagascar. Known as the island of perfumes, Nosy Be is the largest and main island of an archipelago of smaller islands. This volcanic island of around 320 square kilometres is filled with dense forested areas sprinkled with volcanic lakes and is home to an exceptional diversity of incredible fauna and flora. Nosy Be is the springboard for exciting and fascinating visits to a variety of smaller islands scattered nearby. Beyond relaxing on the beautiful beaches, the archipelago offers incredible snorkelling and diving, hiking, trekking, quad biking, horseback riding and fishing.
Madagascar Hotels
293 on Komba
Nosy Komba
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Amarina Resort
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Andilana Beach Resort
Nosy Be
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Anjajavy le Lodge
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Antoremba Lodge
Nosy Be Bay
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Constance Tsarabanjina
Nosy Be
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Corail Noir
Nosy Be
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Eden Lodge
Andranira (Madagascar Mainland)
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Home The Residence
Nosy Be
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L'Heure Bleue
Nosy Be
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Manga Soa Lodge
Nosy Be
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Masoala Rain Forest Lodge
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Palm Beach Resort & Spa
Nosy Be
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Ravintsara Wellness Hotel
Nosy Be
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Royal Beach Hotel & Spa
Nosy Be
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Sakatia Lodge
Nosy Sakatia
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Tsara Komba Lodge
Nosy Komba
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Vanila Hotel & Spa
Nosy Be
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