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Zimbabwe (Safari)

History and Heritage. Falls, forests and fishing. Cliffs, caves and cities. Pools and parks. Zimbabwe's travel menu is mouth watering and it's p

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Seychelles (Beach)

Seychelles between 4 and 11 degrees south of the equator (Nairobi turn right and sail for 1000 miles).115 gorgeous granitic and coralline islands

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Madagascar (Safari)

Madagascar is a treasure island full of varied traditions and cultures, mixing sacred places and protected natural areas featuring 7 types of bao

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Madagascar (Beach)

Nosy Be is situated in the Mozambique Channel near the north west coast of Madagascar. Known as the island of perfumes, Nosy Be is the largest a

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Zanzibar (Beach)

Sun, sea, sand, spice and all things nice – that’s what Zanzibar is made of. This is where Swahili culture and architecture meet tropical se

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Pemba Island (Island)

Pemba Island, lies just 50 kilometres north of it’s “sister” island Zanzibar which, although smaller, is hillier and greener. With more his

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Mafia Island (Island)

The Mafia Archipelago with only about 40 000 inhabitants is scattered over the Indian Ocean 21 km off the Rufiji River Delta in central Tanzania

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Tanzania (Safari)

Tanzania is simply tantalizing. With over a quarter of its surface area devoted to conservation, Tanzania is undeniably one of the best safari d

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Kenya (Safari)

Why visit Kenya? A question so many ask. The answer, Kenya is one of the most historically famous and undoubtedly finest safari destinations in t

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Kenya (Beach)

Kenya’s oldest city is Mombasa which is essentially a 16km2 island and forms the gateway to the extremely under-rated 580km Kenyan coastline wh

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Mozambique (Beach)

With year round average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and thousands of kilometres of white palm-fringed beaches of the mainland as well as t

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Rwanda (Safari)

Rwanda – “the land of a thousand hills” – offers a new aspect to Africa and a different holiday experience to that of other East African

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